Wingman Club

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  1. U.S. Air Force DefinitionA pilot in a plane that flies just outside and behind the wing of the leading aircraft in a flight formation, in order to provide protective support.
  2. Domestic DefinitionA person who helps, protects, and guides a friend— in other words, watches his back.
  3. Harvest Aviation DefinitionAn individual or family that financially supports, on a continuing and sustaining basis, the Harvest Aviation mission.

“Being a WINGMAN with Harvest Aviation is also a bit different!

As a Harvest Aviation WINGMAN, you will be a Champion for Christ on behalf of those in dire physical and spiritual pain in Central America and the Caribbean. Your monthly donation will deliver hope to thousands who are waiting for us.

How does becoming a member of the WINGMAN giving club work?

It’s simple! You select a gift amount below (minimum of $20) and arrange for an automatic monthly transfer of that amount from your bank account (preferred method) or via a credit or debit card to Harvest Aviation. For less than the cost of a pizza dinner for two you can take a significant step, once a month, to support the life-saving work of the Lord.

What happens after I join WINGMAN?

  • Every January, you will receive an annual tax statement for income tax filing purposes.
  • Periodically, you will receive special “flash emails” and other information from Harvest Aviation generated specifically for WINGMAN members.
  • Most importantly, you will be a stalwart on the front lines in the battle for those in desperate physical, emotional and spiritual need, making it possible for Harvest to concentrate more on mission issues (saving lives) and less on budget issues.
  • You may change your monthly donation amount, or even cancel your WINGMAN membership at any time. Simply call (863) 773-3082 and give us your instructions.

An Opportunity that works for everyone and is easy on the budget.

Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and their families each year.

Yes! I would like to join WINGMAN, Harvest’s monthly giving club, with a tax-deductible gift

Aileron level:  $20 per month: (Will pay for the oil for an aircraft oil change.)

Rudder level:  $50 per month: (Will pay for an annual aircraft inspection.)

Elevator level: $100 per month: (Will pay for a missionary resupply flight to Belize.)

Landing gear level: $200 per month: (Will pay for an emergency, disaster relief flight to the Bahamas.)

Propeller level:  $500 per month: (Will pay for a flight of emergency medical supplies to a mission hospital in Honduras.)

Other: $ ___ Per Month: (Please remember there is a minimum of $20 per month.)

Alert! To join the WINGMAN monthly giving club, you must begin by clicking “Set Up Recurring” in the form below. 

Here is what donors have to say:

“I like to support the organizations I care about, but I can’t afford to write big checks. That’s why I want to join this new club that lets me give once a month through a bank transfer.  It’s safe, convenient, trouble-free and  I can easily budget for it. At the end of the year I will have given more than I otherwise would have and I really like that because of everything that the work of HARVEST AVIATION has meant to me and my family. Thank you for standing up for these boys!”  

Bill D., Sebring, FL

“I had never thought of giving automatically once a month, but I surely do prefer it. Spit-spot, you sign up and everything is taken care of. I don’t have to do a thing and I know I am helping so many come to know the Lord. Every time I think about it I feel good. Also, I want to tell you that Harvest can count on two nice gifts in our wills too. We have been very impressed with your hard work.” 

Sasha T., Sarasota, FL 

Note: All donor information provided to Harvest Aviation is held in the strictest confidence and with the security of the donors’ information paramount.