Brian and Robbin Smith

Brian felt God call him to become a missionary pilot back in 2001. Brian served as the leader of the Disaster International Relief Team (DIRT team) at Calvary Chapel St. Pete. for eight years and has led multiple missionary trips all over the world. He has also worked with Samaritans Purse on many occasions. Brian has been married for 38 years and has two children and five grandchildren. Brian serves as our Chief Pilot.  

Andres and Carla Nieto

God has called Andres and Carla to serve in missionary aviation since 2009, they know closely the missionaries and isolated communities need for air support and the difference it makes in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They served for seven years in Brazil and moved to Florida in 2019.
Andres serve as a pilot and mechanic and Carla helps in the communication area.

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Eric and Chastity Martin

Early in ministry, Chastity and Eric had the opportunity to take part in many short-term mission trips. Those mission trips left a lasting impression on them. “We have always felt a deep love in our hearts for people of different cultures and languages.” Eric and Chastity moved to Florida in 2019 where Eric serve as our Executive Director.  

Jason and Liani Wilkinson

Jason and Liani were called into ministry in a fairly dramatic fashion.  After 17 years of accounting and business experience, They found themselves at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.  During Jason’s studies, a professor told him that when your passions and spiritual gifts collide, you have found your ministry.  Well, my spiritual gifts are teaching, administration and leadership and my passion has always been aviation.  We are here to serve.

Chad and Sarah Peal

Chad and Sarah met at Southeastern University.  They have been involved in children’s ministry and owned a small business in Fort Myers.  All of a sudden God led us to sell our business and house and begin preparing for the mission field with aviation.  They do not know where God is leading but strongly believe that God led them to train with Harvest Aviation.  They also feel that when God bids us “follow me” we must be obedient even if it means stepping into the unknown.  As a family, along with their children Malachi, Judah, Noah, and Selah they are excited about the future that God has in store for them.  

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