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Wills and Charitable Estate Planning

Charitable Estate Planning at Harvest Aviation

What is a planned gift?

At Harvest Aviation a planned gift is any gift that is not cash, that is, a gift that may be a bit more complicated, or take more time to accomplish than a gift of cash. Common planned giving vehicles are: wills, charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities. Other types of planned gifts may involve various kinds of property, such as: real estate or  personal property (for example, a boat, airplane, or work of art). Still others can relate to a gift from an insurance policy, or from an IRA or other tax deferred retirement. Planned gifts can solve many financial problems which a donor might have and can also: (1) lower or eliminate capital gains taxes, (2) lower or eliminate estate taxes, (3) lower income taxes and (4) protect assets from creditors, etc. Harvest Aviation is able to deal with any planned gift opportunity as long as the gift: (1) has value and (2) can be accomplished in compliance with the Harvest Aviation Gift Acceptance Policy.


Below are listings of various planned gifts and a brief explanation of how they work and other information relating to Harvest Aviation’s gift planning program:

The following are examples of language that might be used to indicate a gift to Harvest Aviation in your will or trust, depending on what it is that you want to accomplish:

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