open positions

For more than 12 years Harvest Aviation has been transporting missionaries and supplies to Central America and the Caribbean, providing low cost maintenance for aircraft used in missionary outreach and providing aviation-related training for pilots and aircraft technicians to obtain their FAA certificates. Unlike many like-minded aviation missionary organizations, the management of the ministry for the past 12 years has been accomplished primarily by part-time volunteer staff. Currently our Air Support ministry is primarily serving missionaries in Belize.

But today the ministry has grown to the point where Harvest Aviation needs full-time staff in several key positions. Among other personnel needs, the four highest priority needs are:

  1. Executive Director to oversee all operations
  2. Office Manager to oversee financial and public relations activities
  3. Director of Development to promote Harvest Aviation and its mission
  4. Director of Maintenance to oversee all aircraft maintenance and training of A&P apprentices

Harvest Aviation operates from a 9,600 square foot hangar at the city/county owned and managed Wauchula Municipal Airport (KCHN) in central Florida. The city management has a wonderful relationship with Harvest Aviation and even desires that we increase our activity to the point where we can operate an FBO to serve the aviation community. Proceeds from annual inspections, flight training and other FBO activities will be used to support the ministry of Harvest Aviation. Wauchula Municipal Airport currently has 35 T-hangars, and the airport is laid out for 30 additional T-hangars. The airport is very popular with aircraft owners on the Gulf Coast since we enjoy a much lower corrosive atmosphere; so, there is always a waiting list to rent a T-hangar. Since there is no other FBO on the field, in addition to flight training, there is an abundant opportunity to procure an income from annual inspections to support the ministry while at the same time providing a service to the community.

The full-time positions would be ideal for missionary families who might not be able to serve in foreign countries due to family health issues. For additional information, inquire by e-mail at