Harvest Aviation recognizes that
we are all working together to serve
the Kingdom of God. That's why we
use our maintenance resources
to provide lower cost maintenance
for aircraft used in mission work.

It's just another way we serve those
who are serving others in the name
of Jesus Christ.

Harvest Aviation's maintenance facility is based at the Wauchula Municipal Airport (CHN). Located in the center of the state, Wauchula is an easy hop from all of Florida's major airports. Wauchula features a 4,005 foot by 75 foot asphalt runway, making it accessible by most mission aircraft.
Learn more about the Wauchula airport.

Harvest Aviation uses its maintenance resources to help ministries minimize the cost of keeping their fleet flying. By subsidizing a substantial portion of the labor required to perform inspections, routine and major maintenance, Harvest Aviation can help your organization keep its resources focused on your primary mission.

The Harvest Aviation maintenance team is composed of self-supported staff and volunteers, all of which are dedicated to providing the best maintenance for your organization's fleet.