What is Needed and Where to Drop it Off

The following items are needed: (click to download)  Harvest_Aviation_Hurricane_Relief_Supply_List.pdf

We are unable to accept bottled water, liquid bleach, clothing, medications or linens.   

Non-Perishable Food items:  - Protein or Granola Bars - Prepackaged pouches/packets of Chicken or Tuna (no cans) - Prepackaged cheese or peanut butter crackers - Peanut Butter (no glass containers) - Trail Mix Paper/Baby supplies -Antibacterial hand and face wipes -Toilet Paper -Diapers -Wipes Cleaning Supplies  -Mops -Brooms -Buckets -Sponges -Bleach tablets Hygiene First Aid Supplies (travel sizes preferred) -Toothpaste and Brushes -Shampoo -Soap -Sanitary Napkins

-Deodorant Misc. Items -Generators -Chain Saws -Hand Tree Saws -Flash Lights -Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D Cell only) -Solar Lights -Tarps -Work Gloves -Shovel First-Aid Supplies -Band-Aids -Triple antibiotic ointment -Ibuprofen

Where to Drop off Supplies

Heartland Events

3350 US Hwy 17, Bowling Green, FL 33834

M-F 8am-5pm

Check in at red barn with staff. Please do not leave donations outside