Through its Belize Lifeline service, Harvest Aviation is a physical, emotional and spiritual support mechanism for missionaries who are serving God in the Central American country of Belize.

Serving as a missionary in another country is not an easy calling. Finding the supplies and equipment needed to live and serve in a remote country is not as easy as running to the super-store on the corner. Missionaries often have to be creative problem-solvers, learning to improvise solutions from what they have available. When that doesn't work, they often go without.

In Belize, Harvest Aviation has stepped in, operating monthly flights to deliver packages, supplies and equipment directly to missionaries so they can be more effective on the mission field.

Missionaries give everything they have to serve communities that need them, and they can easily feel alone and cut-off from the world they left behind.

Harvest Aviation seeks to be more than just a package delivery service for missionaries. On each flight, our aircrews stay overnight to spend time with missionaries, to get to know them, to understand what they are going through, and to be that friendly voice from back home.

Harvest Aviation is a constant reminder that a missionary's brothers and sisters in Christ are thinking and praying about them.


As we have developed our services to the missionaries of Belize, we have contunuously received requests to provide the same service to nearby Guatemala and Honduras. There are many more missionaries hard at work serving communities. Harvest Aviation is working hard to expand our service and meet more needs, but we cannot do it without the consistant financial support of caring people here at home.